The LAST Girl In My Bed..

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  1. I feel ya Fousey I have been sick since March 30th Just can't shake it. I haven't even been to bed yet with all the coughing i'm doing. Thank you for making another video. Truly from the bottom of my heart, I am glad you make video's with everything you have going on emotionally. It gives me hope. I know I am older then you but I am in a really bad place emotionally and have been for years. You are really an inspiration to let it out on YouTube and let us your fans be a part of your experience. We all have many different reasons that has caused depression and anxiety. I know you probably wont see this, but I Thank you and wish I could DM you to just be someone to listen and talk to. But you got millions of fans that are here for you no matter what.

  2. Yayayayayayay good shot fousey don't let nothing stop you even if everyone else doesn't support or even if I'm the only one just remember having one person believe in you is a blessing so goooood moanin to the best family on YouTube raaaaaahh

  3. wahooooooooo gooooooooooooood mornin to the beshhht family on utube. i luv my bruh bruhs n also in the comments plzz let me know where u guys r frm. (i m frm Pakistan)

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  5. It's so sad these days that people actually waste time posting hurtful comments towards someone and what's worse is that it actually accumulates in likes. Why? Think to yourself what if I receive this comment how would I feel. It's not only on his videos it's all over the internet. Anyway keep your head up guys if you get hate block that person 🙂 #teaminternet


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