The History of ‘The Kids In The Hall’


  1. You're doing the world a favor by introducing these geniuses to a new generation! I hope kids catch on to what is one of the most important pieces of pop-culture in the comedy realm, as well as of my teenage years; memorizing every single KITH sketch created, with my best friend Julie! And I love you for it. BRAVO!

  2. Kids in the Hall was an amazing show, I own all 5 seasons and I never get tired of watching them, or hearing the theme song. Another great Canadian troupe is The Vacant Lot also produced by Lorne Micheals. I believe it only ran for one season but it is just as good and I believe Mark McKinney's brother is one of its members. If you like KINTH definitley check it out!

  3. Toronto, CANADA?! He could have easily said, "Toronto, Ontario".

    But with all that aside, I fucking LOVE Kids in the Hall!!! it was my fucking favourite show until they took it off the air.

  4. i was sad to hear of how much tension and arguing about the production was involved with the making of Brain Candy. I think I heard that not one of the five was pleased with the outcome. I think it's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

  5. "Many of the sketches were overly bizarre and quirky often to the point where they seemed to make no sense." Excuse me? They always make sense, at least when the punchline is delivered. If they don't make sense to you, Mr. Catatonic, then obviously you're missing something, because the Kids' sketches aren't funny if you can't even understand them. Think about it for a second.
    Also, yeah, it's the "Canadian Broadcasting Corporation". Did not do the research.


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