TALK THRU MAKEUP: ALL Drugstore Spring Look | Gigi

I’ve been so sickeninglyyyyy obsessed with winged eyeliner so I thought it was time I brought it to a makeup tutorial for you guys BUT also with that soft summer flare in ALL DRUGSTORE PRODUCTS! Can you believe this hot pink lipstick is from the drugstore?!

THANK YOU Revlon for sponsoring today’s video and sending me all these fab products 🙂 All opinions are my own XO


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  1. Gigi, if you like that lip color, you need to check out Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in Dollhouse. It reminds me more of a liquid lipstick, but I love it. So pink!

  2. hahah I nodded when you did your first wing. Good job!! Also, the ardell false lashes are fantastic. Drug store all the way babe!

  3. ABSOLUTELY! All Drugstore make up tutorials! Foundation? Eyes? Full Face? Whatever!?!?!? I buy almost 100% of my makeup from the drugstore because I'm a basic B!tch!

    P.S. WE LOVE YOU!!! We specifically got YouTube Red just to see your Documentary! Rock it you beautiful strong woman warrior!

  4. "I rarely use cream shadow". Like, Girl. I think you meant to say "I rarely use Revlon." You're such a sellout. Pretending you literally ever used Revlon before.

  5. omg im such a dork but i noticed you're using a montage of little mix songs for your background music and that makes me so happy! they deserve more recognition in the US!


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