Superhero Origins: The Runaways

You think you and your parents had conflicts? Tell it to these guys. Welcome to and today we will explore the comic book origin of the Runaways. We have chosen primarily to follow the storyline which unfolded in 2003’s Runaways #1, and 6 and 2004’s Runaways #13 and was expanded upon in 2015’s Runaways Vol. 4 #1. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►►
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  1. Runaways film, its kids newbies so cheap, its earth less cgi, and kind of has a heroes feel so wouldn't be hard to use in some way later for tv.

  2. Always love the story of the Runaways ever since. I think the reason why it didn't do so well because of less exposure. Not a lot of people know that this has a great storyline.

  3. The black guy's name is Alex and his parents are thieves (one of the best I believe).
    I think marvel is on to something here.

    EDIT: Hold on!!! I missed a whole reboot of the runaways?

  4. I want them to follow the original story, but if they do…there will be no surprises.  If they go a different direction…people will complain about the not staying true.  Hmmmm, hope it's good either way


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