Sent To The Principal’s Office For A Fight

I’m gone for the day for a secret event while Bryce tells us why he was sent to the principal’s office at school.
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Day 2027 recorded on 10.18.17


  1. I Love you and your family Clintus. The short, non-eventful vlogs are still cool because of this: It's like having a moment to just sit and chill and talk with you. It tends to get a little more personable which I personally like because it brings that feeling of like we're just sitting on the patio and chilling. Personal opinion but my way of saying I appreciate you and your family. <3

  2. You know that I watch your vlogs everyday, but maybe some of your subs/followers don't. Maybe they try to keep up with you over the weekends or just from time to time. I think that having the day right next to the title could be very useful for those people. (Just like following the part 1, 2 or 3 of a series.)
    My reasons to believe that is because, when I usually watch any of your older vlogs that Youtube recommends me (One that I've never watched or one that I've watched a long time ago). If at the end of any of them you're saying "We're going to do this tomorrow, so stay tuned" I know that tomorrow is obviously the one with the next day in the title, which is one of the videos showed in the side bar and so, I click on it to watch it.
    I don't watch many other daily vloggers. But among the channels that I know that they do post daily videos. I've always thought that your titles were the most convenient and organized ever. They were always perfect if someone new wants to follow your videos too.
    That's just my opinion. But, If you think that removing the day number from title is way better for you. Do it! I'll support the idea!


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