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*Treatment starts at 3:33
Hey beauties!! I’m so happy to be back! I had a nice little break from social media the past week and a half. We spent almost every day with family and it was really nice to disconnect. I missed all of you!!! I was planning on getting a GRWM up last week but we had a death in the family so plans changed. I had my keratin appointment for a few weeks so I decided to film it. I saw a lot of you asking about, not only in my last video but for awhile now. I have been going to Linsey for about 4 years now! She is my go to hair lady 🙂 This video is not sponsored in any way shape or form. I just wanted to take you along for my hair appointment. I know you guys really enjoyed the micorblading video so hopefully this one is interesting to watch as well. I Love this keratin treatment because it smooths out all the frizzes and keeps my hair super smooth and shiny. This is obviously not for everyone, this is just my own personal experience. Always consult with your hair dresser before doing anything like this to your hair. Make sure they are knowledgeable and know what they are doing! Any further questions you have please comment below and I will happily answer!! Love you guys SO SO MUCH!!! XOXO Carli

She applied the product, blow dried my hair, straightened my hair @ 450 degrees and that seals the keratin into the hair.
You wait 3 days and once you wash your hair the frizzies are gone! It also straightens your hair – not completely but removes most of the curl along with the frizz! It lasts until you get your roots done. This has been my personal experience the past 4 years results may vary!


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  1. Well, it was applied the same way chemicals are applied , I don't believe it's a chemical-free product but I'm sure it has the sticking ingredients "silicone" to stay up to 3 month on hair with a heat of 450° , it could be harmful anyway! You can try it, but don't repeat that process every 6 weeks or so, it can help you deal with your hair up to 2 years, and then you can decide whether or not you're going to do this again !

  2. tbh carli your hair is fabulous frizzy or straight truly a hair goddess/barbie doll just do me a favor never chopp your hair off or shoulder length keep it long forever and barbie style

  3. Just so people know cruelty free doesn't always mean vegan… Just because a product was not tested on animals and is therefore cruelty free does not mean that it doesn't contain ingredients from animal sources.

  4. i just feel so much positive vibes and love when you speak of people and animals <3 thank you for contributing to being one of the beautiful human beings in this world <3 im hopeing once i get my BA in dietetics to spread health and self love and care to young kids around the world focusing on a plant based diet <3 ##fortheanimals ##youramazing

    all the love from colorado <3

  5. You are so genuine, over 5 million subs and you got there on your own…no crazy collabs to rise to fame…I wish they were all like you!!

  6. I work out of town a lot and I remember my first trip out of town the CDC had a waring on the radio about anyone who touched the wild deer in the Dallas area contact the CDC immediately. the deer were tame bc of a symptom of rabies. Sorry every time is see a nice deer I always think back to that.

  7. Gk keratin is a harmful and toxic product. The company claims to be formaldehyde free however test results show that there is still formaldehyde over 4%. Also, Wella hair color has ammonia and high amounts of PPD as well as tons of toxic chemicals. Someone as health conscious as you should consider a healthier and more non-toxic approach to hair.

  8. Can someone help? my natural hair is very frizzy, curly, and long. I straighten it almost daily and like the fact that it still has body when I straighten because of my natural texture. The problem I have is that in humidity, it's quick to frizz and looks crazy. Can a keratin treatment smooth, but not straighten.. if that makes sense? I want to keep body.

  9. Love your vlogs!!! Would you be able to film a house tour. My fiancé and I are planning on building a house soon, would love to get some inspiration for decorating 🙂


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