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  1. Happy to see u happy now bro !! I remember one of the few first videos I watch were of u sing songs of drake , am not gonna lie I did stop watching your videos but Man u really be motivating me and love the fact u don't care about being at the top. Good luck on your new channel and on getting that Ferrari!! Hop I could meet u one day.

  2. I'm loving this raw videos because it makes me feel that I'm talking to you one to one and because I can't sleep so I watch your videos. Keep making these there really good.

  3. Dude y u always think that only people of USA watches your video? Its like 4:08Pm in Bangladesh and I'm watching same like me loads of other people too

  4. Love story Time it helps me cope as a person they are very eye-opening I love hearing you talk and I want to thank you you makes me think about life my journey in life my purpose in life my destination


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