Kylie Jenner Is BACK From Hiding And Looking BETTER Than Ever

Kylie Jenner is BACK in the public eye only 10 days after giving birth.
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  1. Richest, sometimes you have really interesting videos that make me wanna follow you forever, but each time you are uploading about the KarDOUCHian clan I want to block you immediatelly. You are that close….

  2. Plastic carries more than things bought at a store also carries all the skin sawed off this family and their excess bullshit tales of excercise gave me no wrinkles and the hulks deformed butts cruelly deville lives again along with the cackling cheering section of family patting each other on the back for yet another surgery to improve what the public sees In reality, they can’t cut off an ugly entitled bunch of talentless airheads Sad but true


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