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  1. :)…….Fousey u have grown up a lot and u grew into a man.A man who didn't give up.A man who kept fighting.A man who came back to YouTube and inspired me.

  2. The power of now, Erkhart Tolle.

    Love that you read it Yusuf!

    Better than all holy books… it's so enlightening!

    The bliss that you felt happens when you meditate too! Keep it up!

  3. Los Angeles I knew it, your always so happy and enjoying yourself when your not in la, like previous vlogs and now. IM ALWAYS WITH YOU YOUSEF LOVE YOU

  4. Yousef that's the bike you should get, the BMW S1000RR. Either that or a Yamaha R1M. Those are top 2 favourite sports bike for almost everyone

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  6. Yousef, it doesn't mstter where you live, the answer is in that shift – mindset of being in the present. Everything and everywhere is external. The power of now is within. I'm glad to see your journey. Remember though, you have to learn to dance in the rain of life. God Bless


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