i was told to react to this video..

i was told to react to this video..
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Thank you guys so much. This blew me away. I love you guys.

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  1. Hey Dan I just wanted to say thank you for being happy when I wasn't and making me smile too. You've come so far in life and I want you to smile about it, teamTDM love you so don't give up on us because we'll never give up on you. Congrats with the 15, 000, 000!

  2. Hi Dan! I've been watching you for around 3 to 4 years and even know I haven't been subscribed for that long (I didn't have a YouTube account) it's been amazing to watch your channel grow. Congrats for 15 million subscribers and I am excited to watch your channel grow even more!

  3. I'm sorry I wasn't in the Vedio Dan I watched you since I was 7.
    I'm 8 but please notice me and everyone who loves you I didn't want to make you cry if you read this.
    But I love you Dan.

  4. I love u Dan and ur videos help me and all the others when there down to get up cheer and higher then the clouds that and more is how much we love u we remember every video and we will keep on moving more people more each and everyday more love u and congrats on 15M subs I hope u get EVEN MORE AND MORE love ya bai and again congrats

  5. best youtuber EVER i love you dan well done on 15 mil whenever im sad i watch your videos because im having so much trouble at school

  6. i cried too because i saw dantdm cry! its so emotional how many great fans including me you have!!!! you're the best youtuber ever and you should keep up the great job! i didnt understand how much you hasve been growing for the past 5 years its amazing!!!!!!!!! i have been here for was it… i dont remember it was hundred something subscribers. youre the best and hope you a good day everyone!


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