I Got Heckled and Kicked Out of a Store.

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  1. I've seriously kept you in my duas these past few months and seeing you feeling better makes my heart sooooooo happy I swear ❤️

  2. I understand your ethos and where you're coming from now but there are plenty of your fans who will see this title, listen to your story, see that little clip and want to do what anyone else would want to do, hold that business to account. They should have known better. In this day and age a business is not allowed to get away with any sort of shit like that. They have no idea how lucky they are that you did not name and shame. You could have destroyed them in seconds, probably caused them to close down or at least get those staff fired.

  3. pro tip if you wanna stop the little voice in your head from thinking ask yourself this:

    what is my next thought going to be?

    and hold on to that stillness as long as possible and repeat 🙂

  4. So u make a whole section at the end of the vid about how u didn't wanna put it in… so then why put it as your thumbnail then make a full section of the video just about that I feel like how u did it put even more attention on the situation that you said you didn't want to put in the vlog

  5. i need your help and honesty,
    my girlfriend of 3 years that i love just came home from a party cross faded and she told me she made out with a girl and a guy.. everything's telling me to dump her but i love her and its hard. i need advise

  6. wow!what a change! Love ur words of wisdom and watching u also practice what u preach, keep up the hard work and thank you for sharing ur life with us.<3


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