How I style my hair.

Hello marzipans! I was asked to film this video so much that I finally got around to do it. It seemed so simple to me, but hopefully you got some hair inspiration from this. 😉

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  1. When Marzia mentioned that shampoo smelt like melons I immediately searched for it. Then I was super sad at how expensive it is 🙁

  2. Our hair is opposite mine is thick and curly and takes hours to watch if I straighten it I have to wash comb blow dry then straighten and it takes 4/5 hours lol and I love straightening it

  3. once a week? uhhh isnt that too much? i notice when i dont wash my hair for 3 days, my hair fall out a lot more and my head is too itchy and oily. do you have a really dry scalp or something? Even dry shampoo building up that many days seems like too much

  4. Whaaat how can you only wash your hair once in a week without it looking greasy? My hair looks greasy after the second day so I have to wash every two days.. tell me your secrets! :O

  5. That's amazing how some beautyguru use like a ton of hair products and do peculiar constructions on their heads, and Marzia is just like "Take a section of hair and flip it~~~"
    I mean no hate or mock, I really enjoyed this video and Marzia's loveliness (ノ´ヮ`)ノ: ・

    P.S. Love from cold and harsh Russia

  6. because my hair cooperates with me, I don't need to straighten or curl it. It's naturally wavy and I'll usually sleep with 4 braids to make it even wavier. Because of the lack of heat that's applied to my hair (I don't blow dry either), my hair gets oily after 5 days or so allowing me to shower once a week without making my hair look filthy.

  7. I KNOW THE STRUGGLE with thin straight hair. I have the same issue and my ends always get dry and tangled. How do you keep your ends moisturized without getting too oily looking?

  8. Hi Marzia! Thank you so much for all the hair products recommendations! I just wanted to tell you that your short hair is sooo beautiful and that all the different ways to style it have been so useful for me! I have a long hair and I have been wanting it short for a while now, and it's awesome to see all the different things you can do with short hair. And omg now that you say how easy it is to get a side hair flip I feel stupid for always wearing it parted in the middle, your flip is so cute, I'm gonna give it a go!


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