Getting a HEDGEHOG.

Hello marzipans! Felix and I have been talking about getting a hedgehog for a little while, and yesterday, pretty spontaneously, we decided to drive all the way to Birmingham to buy one.

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Thanks to Ikson for providing me with this song!

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  1. I feel like I should probably leave some info in here. Felix has wanted a hedgehog since he first got Slippy. He has been showing me videos more and more lately, and finally we found one with both liked. I've spent days researching them, and both Felix and I are committed to take good care of him. People bringing up the fact that I had to give away my axolotls, stating that I'm just torturing animals and made a rushed decision, are rude. I gave my everything to the axolotls, but the aquarium was faulty and it cracked while I was in LA (Felix was shooting Scare Pewdiepie). I don't know how people can blame that on me, or what they would expect me to do, but at that moment I had to make a choice and called the original sellers to get them back. They are fine. It would have been wrong of me to keep them in a bathtub and start an aquarium from zero (because it needs to be cycled in order to not hurt the creatures living in it). I would have loved to keep them, and I wish I still had them, but I simply couldn't. It's been 2 years since that happened, so I think Felix and I should be allowed to try and care for another pet without feeling this amount of judgement. :/

  2. The food of my cat is always outside so he can eat when its night and everyday on 22 pm a Hedgehok eats Some of his food

  3. What made you guys decide to go to the seller in Birmingham? Was there not one available closer? Just curious because it wasn't really clarified in the video 🙂

  4. Marzia! You should watch some videos by Taylor Nicole Dean! She's had about 3 hedgehogs (one of them was the cheering hedgehog in the meme!!) & she's got a lot of helpful videos to further care for them!

  5. This is so amazing Marzia! You and Poods will be good Dogy parents☺️
    I've been wanting a Hedgehog for a whiiile now, and so so sooo happy you got one! Can you make a video telling us stuff like where you got it from and how much it was? Also how to care for it! So basically a hedgehog basics video. You probably won't see this comment but I want you to know that you will be a great hedge-mom and whoever brings up the Axolotls is not worthy of your time. You are amazing!! Goodbye✨

  6. Someone else is having the vibe that they're filling their lives with animals instead of babies? I'm worried that I won't see any Melix babies 🙁

  7. Thanks Marzia….now my YouTube is going to look like I literally am copying you and getting pets that you have only omg.

  8. I had a hedgehog and just letting you know that they will do this thing where they kinda spit out like foam stuff on themselves but it's norma and it's just them getting used to a new environment

  9. Watching Marzia's videos is just so pleasant, brightens up my day so much, and i dont know why but they are very inspiring.


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