Fried Super Bowl Party Taste Test

Max Greenfield is here to help us deep fry an entire Super Bowl party spread! And if 4x fried buffalo wings are wrong, we obviously don’t want to be right!  GMM #1474

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  1. Unfortunately, we were told that Max would be eating the items we had chosen for this episode, after we had specifically asked for any dietary restrictions, and it wasn’t until he was seated on set that we were informed otherwise. We always strive to make our guests feel welcome and comfortable. Max made the decision that he wanted to proceed with the episode, and we all had a great time. Thanks to Max for being a great guest, and thank you for understanding. -Rhett & Link

  2. Seriously. Who is it that force GMM to do these trash collabs regularly? 3.3K dislikes, on this one alone…. Whatever mainstream media executive who's coming up with these ideas for collabs, needs to get fired…

  3. I feel like this is a pretty good representation of how vegan/vegetarian people feel when they go out to eat at places that don’t offer non-meat options.

    But I will say that I didn’t even figure he was vegetarian, I just thought he ate healthy lol


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