Do YouTubers Watch YouTube? Part 2 | Ear Biscuits Ep. 165

We asked. You shared. We watched. Find out what R&L thought about your YouTube recommendations, and whether they’d watch GMM if it wasn’t their show, on this week’s episode of Ear Biscuits.

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  1. Rhett, I'm glad you mentioned Link's interruptions of you. I love both of you guys, your opinions and your smooth voices. I also understand that Link is a verbal processor and he doesn't mean to be rude. For a podcast, though, it can get a little irritating for the listener.

    I don't mean any offense, but I hope it's something that Link can work on. Either way, I appreciate all of the time and effort you guys dedicate to creating content for us. I can't imagine the toll it takes on you guys and your families. People act like creating twenty minute videos is so easy, but they don't think about the creation, the filming, the writing, the hiring, the travel, the giving of a large part of yourself over to an often cold and ungrateful audience, the, the, the…

    I hope both of you take more breaks and take care of your mental and physical health. Yes, I'll be sad as a fan, but I don't want to be a vulture, either.

    Thank you for being vulnerable and thanks for all you do.

  2. As I watch this I asked myself this. Could age be a factor as to why they don’t? I think that younger YouTubers (despite YouTube popularity) are a lot more up to date with social media these days and find this type of entertainment interesting and different. Rather than older YouTubers who might watch less for reasons like perhaps because they value time more or possibly because they view YouTube as something similar to Tv (“waste of time”). That or I’m just high af.

  3. #EarBiscuits – I've watched a lot of YouTube; the only channels I returned to were vlogging channels, particularly ones featuring young families. When I found GMM, it became the staple of my YouTube diet. Overtime, vloggers I was subscribed to became overly-to-entirely scripted. In my opinion, daily vlogging and scripted don't go together. So I stopped watching them. But GMM is my perfect YouTube show, that I've come back to WAY more than any channel I've watched, and I think it's because it has everything I enjoy about YouTube: mostly unscripted with just the right amount of scripted to keep it structured; comedy done genuinely; an evolution of production value; unique human beings carrying the show; something new to look forward to every day, but also hundreds of past videos I can rewatch because of their timeless quality; fun, interesting, fascinating, useless facts for me to absorb; a way to both escape life and enjoy it. I haven't found any channel yet that matches it. I'm not just saying that to buddy up – I mean it sincerely.

  4. I don't search YouTube for stories; I search YouTube for real people. When I want stories – characters, plots, script – , I go to movies and TV shows. When I want real people and I want to feel a part of a community, I watching vloggers and GMM. I look at YouTube as a way to connect – I look at Netflix as a way to escape. Both inspire me in different ways. I hate reality TV because it isn't reality at all; that's why when the content I watch on YouTube becomes too scripted or too TV, I lose interest. #EarBiscuits

  5. Rhett is asking YouTube to be what it's not. People come to YouTube because it has what TV doesn't have. It's fine to not like YouTube, but not liking it because it's not TV is pretty dumb.

  6. I think it should be a legitimate crime that the majority of content creators suggested are all mainstream.
    Everyone had heard of PhillyD, Shane, GMM, etc. I’m not saying that they are bad at all! I love all of them as well, but you guys should check out some youtubers that aren’t in the spotlights.
    Rhett, you said in part 1 that you liked cringy videos. Check out the LA Beast. He does a lot of “Challenge” videos. His edits are hilarious and he does a lot of cringy challenges.
    Link, it would be so much harder to find a series for you because of your personality being more schedule orientated. It’s really hard to find a channel that uploads regularly that isn’t just the news or current events. I’ll keep searching for something to fit your personality, but definitely check out the LA Beast @Rhett!! That’s just one example!

  7. You guys are the only ones I watch daily. I am not a tv watcher and have little time to spend on personal entertainment. I listen to ear biscuits on my way to and from work, watch Gmm and more, and Ltat. It’s funny, and I can be entertained in just 15 minutes. Thanks!

  8. I really hope that one of these days, they'll discuss deeper meanings or hidden meanings inside media (such as games, anime, etc). Cause honestly, there are a lot of different ideas out there which express more than what most of us gradually pick up.


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