Do You Want Me To Quit?

Welcome to Video Diaries. This is Diary 2. Thumbs up for More. 🙂

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  1. maybe should just stick to US. Cause when people see u travel they feel like u are fortunate.
    i honestly really liked the LA house hopping! yes charity is all cool but too ambitious.
    i like seeing all other youtuber cause is all fun. anw glad to see u happier but u looks so worn out.
    i watch ur vids a long time. but i feel like u are a kid u rush and u burn out so fast. so knowing that please baby steps.


  2. 1/3 of people like you
    1/3 of people think your okay
    and 1/3 of people hates you and will do anything for your downfall even if they haven't met them

    fousey this happens to everyone even me. even though im not a big youtuber like you. at the moment you have way more likes then dislikes and you are a big sensation on youtube
    so dont care what anybody thinks haters gonna hate. focus on your fans

  3. Don't quit keep on going and remember that heat will always come when you are doing something that isn't the norm with by doing something that it's in normal you are showing how it's Paul symbol to be changed as a person and how to change the world keep on going and think about the hate in a sense The Morehead you get the more you were doing something right because you're changing the way people think you are a challenging them to think and think about what they're doing in their lives and the only thing that matters is you as long as you are feeling that you are doing something right then keep on going with it I love the journey

  4. do things for you, do whatever make you happy, stop care about making others happy if that doesnt make YOU happy, live your life, dont live for what the others think about you.
    just be yourself.

  5. Watching this reminded me of Trent Shelton. The way your mindset is striving to always do better, never worse. The struggles that you chose to view as building you, not breaking you. Would it be possible for you two to do a collaboration in any form of way? I know it would work out great.

  6. even if all the comments are negitive don't let it stop u from your happiness people's comments are only words what makes u happy on the inside is what's important love u and stay on your journey for u and no one else

  7. fousey plz dont quit because wath you do makes you happy and it makes me happy seeing you love your life. i love you and i love your content. and haters plz stop ruining others peoples lifes.

  8. I love that you are getting out of your comfort zone and are trying new things. I really love this. I really like what you are becoming Yousef. I have never ever felt more proud and happy for you.


  10. You can't please everyone man. keep doing what makes YOU happy bro. I love to see you on this journey helping people that are less fortunate. stick with it man!

  11. Nah dont quit man <3 Me and alot of other people are really enjoying this 🙂 And we see u are doing it to so dont quit man 🙂 Heads up


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