Dear YouTube, You Need To Watch This.

I came back for Videos like this. Honest. Raw. Real. I really hope you take the time out to listen to the whole video. Don’t skim. Don’t skip. If you’re willing to watch. Take time out and listen. I think you’ll relate more than you know. 🙂

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  1. I don't mean this in a rude kind of way, but there's no excuse. Everyone goes through crap Fousey. It's life. Imma kid, I went through some shit man. In the 3rd grade my step dad put a gun in my moms mouth. I got through it. I'm still me, I didn't change. I didn't change because I didn't want to change. It's up to you whether you want to change or not. So you know… you've had a couple of break ups. I'm younger than you and my parents have devorced. I had an abusive step dad. I hardly see my dad. I'm not saying you haven't gone through some crap, but always know someone has it worse than you.

  2. Those words are what I wanted to hear for a really long time for myself because I was in a situation which was a bit similar to that where I gave everything without expecting back but at one point I knew I was doing wrong to myself . Thanks Yousef for those words I appreciate those words and I hope you'll​ be fine and keep on going regardless of the hate and fears I hope you have a great day today . Thanks Yousef ☺️

  3. that's the type of conversation that i can't reply to.. every word you said is totally right and meaningful
    thank you yousef thanks allot
    your 15mn video made a big turn a big change in my life
    much love ❤


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