CURRENT FAVOURITES #2 | Snacks, Manga, Music & Beauty

Hello marzipans! Here is another round of favourites.
Do you have any recommendations for me? ˁ̡̡̡∗⁎⃙ ̫⁎⃙ˀ̡̡̡ ̩˳♡⃝

*Bamboo steamer
*Prada Bag:
*Too Faced highlighter:
*Natura palette:
*Eyebrow pencil:
*Manga: Forget Me Not
*Jamie XX – In Colour // Fave song: Gosh –
*Tame Impala – Currents // Fave song – The Less I Know the Better –
*The XX – I See You // Fave song – Say Something Loving –

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  1. You get so many cool points from me for listening to tame impala. The less I know the better is my absolute favorite song right now.

  2. you have really good taste in music ! I thought exactly the same thing while listening to gosh !!! 😀 its an amazing song

  3. Hi Marzia! 🙂 I'm a big music lover and want to share some artists I think you might like (they are very chill and have an alternative indie vibe):

    Mac DeMarco
    Timber Timbre
    Sunflower Bean
    Bombay Bicycle Club
    Cass McCombs
    Unkown Mortal Orchestra
    Melody's Echo Chamber
    Beach House

    Cameron Avery (bassist of Tame Impala but you'll be amazed when listening to his solo record!)

    I could recommend more heavier indie rock bands but the list would be way too long and I picked these ones based on what I know you like 😛 Hope you check some of them! x

  4. there is this anime called "Say I love you" and it is so beautifully made and has a great story line. unfortunately not many people have heard of it or watched 🙁 it deserves to be so much more popular

  5. You should check out a boy band called BTS (Bangtan Boys), they are the reason why I'm into the K-pop genre, even though it's in korean (I'm not korean and I don't understand any of the language itself) , but the melodies and the rhythm are amazing, and most of their songs have special message and meanings behind it too 😀 Also their MVs are amazing, the ARMY (fandom name) actually came with the conspiracy theory on every MV and links between them which are very interesting (and some of them got me goosebumps in my opinion).

    The BTS songs I recommend to listen are: Blood, Sweat and Tears, Spring Day, Young Forever, I Need U, Save Me, Dope and Fire

  6. listen to these artists if you haven't already! I love tame impala but my favorites are the band Wet, The Japanese House, and a new favorite is Maggie Rogers

  7. I'm the same way with cds! If I have the option, I would much prefer a physical copy. I can't explain it, but something about having the actual CD is just so much better! 🙂

  8. Hey Marzia I have a song suggestion. You should check out Medasin – Daydreamin and SwuM – finesse they are both really chill vibe songs and I think you'll like it 🙂

  9. Hello Marzia <3 I hope you are feeling okay today. I noticed your pitch was a bit lower than usua. I wish you lots of happiness (:


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