Colorado Pizza Taste Test

This week, Stevie reviews the guys’ decision on the best pizza style, reviews all of our old intro’s, debuts her OWN idea for a new LTAT intro, and reacts to Stevie on YouTubers React… Let’s Talk About That!  LTAT #020

Check out Stevie on YouTubers React!
YouTubers React To Top 10 Trending YouTube Videos Of 2018:
YouTubers React To WANNA SPRITE CRANBERRY? Memes Compilation:

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  1. Link needs to stop telling people that vinegar is a viable alternative as a household cleaner by itself. Vinegar DOES NOT kill bacteria like staph, and it's not something that actually sanitizes things. There are plenty of natural cleaners out there that DO disinfect and sanitize, so just use one of those. Plus, vinegar will literally stink your entire house up for quite a while, he must just be used to it if he doesn't notice it anymore

  2. Pause at 12:04 … weird… can unsee that… left side of screen of a shadow man…

    Side note… omg love 19:33
    Side side note… they should leave the cockatoo (the mythical beast) in front of the mike… it looks good… reminds you its gmm…


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