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Hello marzipans! Fashion Revolution week begins today, so my friend Maddie and I decided to do a clothing swap.
You can watch her video here:
And you can get more info on the website:

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  1. great video marzia! I love how much you advocate for ethical fashion, especially since most people don't even think twice about what they buy and where it comes from. I'm also loving the makeup look in this video, maybe we could get a tutorial on it? <3

  2. That hair length really suits you! You look amazing x)

    I think it's great that you use your reach to talk about ethical fashion. Your content is always so fun but also thoughtful at the same time! I always love watching your videos 🙂

  3. as a skater myself, I see a lot of other skaters from my area stay away from baggier pants, but you still look amazing anyways!

  4. Awe Marzia! You're such an inspiration to others <3 You're Sweet. kind. and Care For Important Things. Thank you for caring <3<3

  5. hi marzia!So, something is bothering me, really really bothering me.I am really confused about your house.Like,in other videos when you're baking, you have a kitchen,but in a simple video,you have an​ different kitchen.Please,can you inlight me? You have a different bathroom I think, but please ,inlight me!Thanks

  6. I have a quick question. I want to wear more ethical clothing but I don't know where to find it? And a few articles I've read say that h&m is trying to become an ethical clothing business. Is this true? I would really enjoy some help, please! Thank you.

  7. Hey guys! Any small youtubers wanna support one another? I just uploaded a "what's in my bag"! I'd love to find new channels xo

  8. i doNT eVEn care about clOthEs but heRE iS mArZIa gettINg me involved in this movement by getting me to read and watch stuff about it

    when will your fave ever

  9. Can you make a Fashion on a Budget video? It would mean a lot to me and people who cant quite afford high end clothing! xx

  10. wow Marzia! I just pause the video to say! thank you for all the values you show and demonstrate to us! it's awesome, interesting, cute and lovely the way you express yourself! I'm learnings a lot of good things for u! God bless u forever! loveu Marzia!

  11. I was having trouble picking a topic for my informative speech but now I have one! This video was cool and I want to do this with my friends and cousins.


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