Can I Buy You A Coffee?

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  1. Fousey I needed ur help really badly. I stay in India and I can't afford a laptop whereas all my assignments that I have to complete are to b done on laptop. I support team butterfly. And I badly need a laptop for my studies I am in 12th right now and I have my boards.

  2. keep killing it, the grind don't stop and the lions stay roaring. Love the series and I have changed because of it.

  3. hey yousef, just wanna say I love you. and (sorry if i spell names wrong) Daniella and Kimo, you guys are awesome! Daniella you are absolutely beautiful and Kimo you seem like such a cool dude. proud of what you all are doing, keep it up!

  4. Such a great heart<3

    and i proud to say I love being in this family because you inspire me and hope one day I can do good just like you

  5. 86 liker!!!

    I love you fouseytube!
    you always make my day special and entertaining…

    I started my channel to become like you in the future

    You are always my inspiration
    from where you start off.

    You have fanmeet events at Singapore?

    i really wanna meet you man!!!


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