Giiiiiirrrlllll it’s been a legit M IIIIIII N U T E since I’ve sat down and talked about ALL of my favorites… So grab and snack and let’s get into her 😉 Also don’t forget to check out for all your audiobook needs hehe

Love you guys,
Gigi XO


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  1. wow. who even are you anymore? you barely care about us. all you do these days is put together some cheap vlog and post it just for some extra cash. you used to be real…. so sad the money or fame went to your head

  2. Ugh as sad as this makes me, I think it's time to unsubscribe. I've watched Gigi since the beginning – she was different, funny, and her trials and tribulations with transitioning and life in general made her relatable. No shade at all for living a lux life, who could blame her? But this channel is all boring clips of luxury travel, and thousands of dollars worth of crap no one needs. How can you even call any of this stuff favorites? She literally included items she has t even tried yet or barely uses! When you can have anything you want, your flavors of the week don't mean much to the average consumer who can't buy 10k worth in hand bags in a few month span. I always want Gigi to be successful, but she's become so superficial is nauseating.

  3. she doesn't give a damn making a disgrace of the holy lands, all she cares is about her things and herself. she has totally changed.

  4. honestly i bet she doesn't even care that everyone's saying they're unsubscribing, she doesnt even give af about her subs anymore. doubt she even read the comments on her last two videos which offended TONS of people or else the old gigi would've responded and taken down the video immediately.

  5. Guys stop being so rude to Gigi! if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all! Gigi, like all of us, is trying to live her life and live her authentic self no matter what that may look like to you. It isn't anyone's place to sit on their keyboard spewing comments that would be so horrible for Gigi to read on the other end. Doesn't it make you think what kind of nasty person you are that you waste time out of your day criticizing people you've never even met? How would you like your boss at work to see what kind of nasty comments you leave? Or your parents? They'd be ashamed of you all.

    Gigi- you are a great person and I loved this video. Always feels like i'm catching up with a close gal pal. Love the personal background as well! Love from Canada 🙂 <3

  6. do yall remember when she used to post bc she genuinely loved talking with us and sharing her life/struggles? im starting to think it was a dream..

  7. Gigi, I'm a Toronto mom with two adult daughters and someone who's always trying to open my mind to diversity, even though I'm in my later years. You come from such an enviable family. I've been following your channel from the very beginning because I thought you were so wise, honest and darling. When you did a Christmas promotion for a local mall, I thought you were really going to be something special in your 20s, a bright shining light. Life isn't only about owning stuff. Did you come this far to become a blowup doll? Why are you dumbing yourself down so intensely? I suppose you've just evolved to become the girl you always wanted to be. I love beauty and makeup and that's another reason I like you. But I need a break from this degree of needing more stuff. Take care.

  8. for some reason all u hoes r saying she's acting weird or some apology was bad…nobody cares that her house almost burned down…but rly…what apology…and why do her fans hate her now

  9. You didn't get "HATE" you got people who genuinely cared for you, expressing their concerns with your videos, and pointing out the blatant ignorance and rudeness in each of them.


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