ASMR Interview ft Arielle Vandenberg

We’re bringing the tingles while chatting with the one & only, Arielle Vandenberg. GMM #1224.4
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  1. i feel like rhett and arielle were being kinda flirty the whole time lol..and then the kiss….oh my i would be kinda jealous if i was his wife. and his wife is actually really pretty. i googled her lol

  2. I am sorry but I could not watch this past 2 minutes! I thought it was almost over and I checked the time and it was only 1 and a half minutes in.

  3. The whispering is funny, I think Link whispering to Rhett "Rhett I brought 8 half gallons of chocolate soymilk, it's in the far back left of the refrigerator, and there is chocolate chip cookies if you want them. "


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