Another Top 10 Worst Movie Accents

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  1. London calling…..Yep Lindsay did well with that clipped Southern British, which makes me think WM has a tin ear for accents.
    LiLo 1 Mojo 0

  2. There's an Irish crime film called Ordinary Decent Criminal where he plays a Dublin based gangster/bank robber. In it he drifts between a Dublin accent, a Northern Irish accent and a American accent.

  3. Yeah, people don't get Jodie Foster's accent in Elysium because what she's doing is rare. It's a South African accent. Which, given Neill Blomkamp was the director and is from South Africa, means she's probably doing it on director's orders.

  4. So…you put Lindsey Lohan on here (a 12 year old with a pretty damn good fake accent) and willingly leave out Norman Reedus in Boondock Saints?

  5. Why is Ben Kingsley not on here for his mangled attempt at a New Zealand accent in Ender's Game? I'm a Kiwi and saw it with friends when it was released in cinemas here, and we all laughed whenever he was on screen because he keeps drifting between British and a very poor Australian accent. Hilariously bad attempt.

  6. I think children should be given passes. Lindsay was probably 11 when she filmed that movie and her accent didn't sound terrible to me. I remember enjoying that movie. That classic movie did not need a remake, but she did a good job.

  7. You've done two of these lists, and John Wayne as Genghis Khan only gets an honorable mention? HE JUST TALKS LIKE JOHN WAYNE! Which I'm pretty sure sounds nothing like a Mongolian.

  8. How about Harrison Ford using a Russian accent when he played a Russian submarine captain in K19: The Widowmaker?

  9. I lived in England for 3 1/2 years. Lindsey nailed it with their dialect. She sounds like a British person from Southern England in one of the smaller towns, which is fully possible for her family to have moved to London before she was born. If you know anything about dialects, it passes down from generation to generation.


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