Another Top 10 BANNED Video Games

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Some good games just can’t catch a break in these countries! These are another batch of games that have been outlawed, unallowed, removed from stores, are unavailable or straight up BANNED in various countries around the world. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the ANOTHER Top 10 Banned Video Games!

00:36 #10. “Duke Nukem 3D” (1996)
01:26 #9. “Saints Row” series (200613)
02:08 #8. “Bully” (2006)
02:49 #7. “Carmageddon” (1997)
03:25 #6. “Far Cry 3” (2012)
04:08 #5. “God of War” series (2005)
04:58 #4. “Wolfenstein 3D” (1992)
05:35 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. I got family in Venezuela I live in Colombia and all Venezuelans can play violent video games like COD, GTA, Far Cry and all the games we can play in the USA, when they come to visit they bring me games because games are cheaper in Venezuela. That country is far far away to be a paradise but WM have no idea of what they are talking about

  2. I'm from iraq a Muslim country but we didn't ban god of war infact we are huge fans of this franchise and we are soooo hyped for the upcoming god of war game the uae arr fucking dumbasses

  3. Australia had no problem with SR4's dildo bat, it was the alien anal probe aka the Rectifier that was the issue. At least we got our own localized version of it.

  4. I didn't know Indonesia banned FC3. Not that I care, I still played it. But why would the government ban FC3 for making Indonesia seem bad when Just Cause 2 is basically fighting against a corrupt vaguely-Indonesian government and blowing up the whole country?

  5. Violent games banned in Venezuela? Huh, ive played violent videogames my whole life, the only reason thats stoping me from playing em right now is the fckn communism n socialism destroying our economy….

  6. Uhhh, I have all the Saints Row Games and im Australian.
    3 isn't censored as far as I know. 4 got censored in several ways, so I had an American friend gift it (and any banned DLC) to me over Steam, so that's all uncensored for my enjoyment as well.
    But the series in general was never banned…

  7. Germany:
    Excessive amounts of sex and nudity: A OK!
    The tiniest droplet of blood or a reference to a very important albeit dark time of German history: NEINNEINNEINBANBAN!!!


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