5 Animal Mating Calls (GAME)

Can we guess what sound a koala make when they want to get jiggy with it? How about an Elk? GMM #1273.3
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  1. the only reason you chose that woman to do the wheel of mythicallity thing is because of her attire. and the way I know that is because there was nothing else that was unique about the video like there usually is. no cool background, stunt or feature, just a person in a hijab talking into a camera.

  2. Koalas are super loud from a distance. at the wildlife sanctuary (in australia) one of the big male koalas started to call for a female, He was so loud. they may look cute and fluffy (which they are) but they can be super aggressive and scary.

  3. As soon as they played the second one, I knew it was a camel because they showed it on a previous episode. The camel blows this bubble of skin out his nose or mouth, then blows it around and it sounds like that.


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