10 Women You Won’t Believe Were Once Men

top 10 hottest women who were actually born male
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It’s okay to admit that sometimes Mother Nature makes a mistake. Sometimes, we have to change our circumstances in order to find true happiness! We were all born with a gender, the proof is there in our birth certificate. However, we have learned that just because you were born with a gender, it doesn’t mean that you identify with what you were born with. Because society today has become so progressive, and mostly accepting, people can now live in the gender they most identify with. Not only that, but they can have surgeries, shots, and more, all to help them become the gender they feel is right. Unfortunately, there are many who disagree with this change of lifestyle, and have even gone as a far as dictating where we can go to the bathroom. However, equality and integrity continues to prevail, especially since transgendered people often go undiscovered because they look legitimately like the opposite gender.

In this video, you will meet ten women you won’t believe were once men. For reasons that are solely their own, these women decided that they no longer wanted to be men. Not only did they change their gender, but also on their outlook on life. They took charge of their circumstances and ended up on top with contracts in modeling, acting, and music. And unless you know their backstory, no one can even tell that these ladies were born men. Sure, they may encounter some hate and backlash for their decisions, but they are living life much more fabulously than any of us ever will!

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  1. i don't think you realise but pretending to be a woman doesnt make you female at all. if you were born a male, you are a male and you cant change that. autism smh

  2. I do believe this because not everyone is born the way they way they are on the inside, I hate that people don't understand that. they are only Tran because they weren't born as the right gender or the person they really are.

  3. Even if you are born a female but grow up to a man is ok. people get judged everyday but at least let someone know if your born a different gender so they don't judge you later in life

  4. In my opinion, Mother Nature can make mistakes, but it's more of a choice of that individual. They have the choice.

    They will still be good people in the end

  5. Maybe that nature thinks that transgender people because god maybe changes his mind and switches the gender

  6. I don't believe that Mother Nature makes mistakes, BUT society says that girls must be this way and boys another. These societal "roles" prohibit people from being themself. That's what I think.

  7. It doesn't matter what gender you were born, either way your DNA doesn't changer and your soul doesn't change, just your body does.

  8. I don't see a subscribe button I only see a button that says I'm subscribed to the channel and if I press the button and not smash it cuz I don't smash buttons or women especially if they were a man once and I don't think that buttons wanna smashed but if i PRESS the button it makes me unsubscribes me from ur channel


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