10 Real Kids With God-Like Superpowers

top 10 children and teens who have real life super human powers
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  1. No, The Richest, you said this was a video about kids with Powers not kids who're worshiped fuck off and make your titles correct

  2. nonononono that girl with the 8 limbs actually gave me nightmares as a kid, I saw a documentary on her when I was a child and I had consecutive nightmares and would wake up at 5 am, didn't sleep. Don't mean to be disrespectful but i'm not going through that shit again.

  3. And why would that Ganesh kid (the last one) sit outside a Mosque?, He's seen as a Hindu god and Islam only has one…

  4. You need to hire someone to do your titles. You suck at making accurate titles. This video should be titled "Children Who Were Idolized As Gods"

  5. This video is just about 10 Indians having a different look in their body.

    If someone have another limb, you're not going to say "OMG!!! A FOUR LEGGED ANIMAL!!"


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