10 Most Embarrassing Lip-sync Moments Caught on Camera

top 10 famous singers and celebrities who failed on stage
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  1. There was a time when getting caught lip syncing at a live concert led to you being found out as frauds and having your Grammys taken from you.

  2. maybe instead of lipsynching the song, they should actually sing the song and not use autotune to actually sing the song in the first place? if they didnt think they had beautiful voices then whats the point of using it to sing?

  3. Lamb of God is better! Slipknot is better! Mastodon is way fucking better! All metal, awesome and terrible, are better than these people! I hate America right now!

  4. Justin bieber fans also knew he was lip syncing but people still love him because songs can hear always. But dance and entertain not that easy

  5. you're getting a show for your money.  you're hearing the voice of your favorite singer.  you're getting your money's worth.  and there are MUCH bigger problems in the world than whether your favorite singer is actually singing or is pretending to sing to one of their own recordings.

  6. or maybe just maybe the singers were sick when they were supposed to sing and they didn't want to or couldn't cancel the performance…idk

  7. Great research and content but the fact that you don't have any clips on ANY of your videos is the reason you will never make it.


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