10 Celebs Who Are BROKER Than Broke

10 famous people who are much poorer than you may think!
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Child stars grew up in front of us, living multiple lives on our TV screens and were most probably considered role models at some point with their wholesome images. But as time went on, these stars started to grow up without the best budgeting advice. When they were spending more than they were acting, things got out of hand really fast. In this video, we will witness 10 child stars who are now broke because of bad decisions – or other reasons. We will see what went wrong after their good acting run. Because bad decisions are timeless, we will be discussing child stars from way back, as well as from recent times so you may recognize some of these faces. If you were a fan of any of these stars, you may be disappointed, but don’t worry; they still have a chance to turn things around. Let’s just hope things get better for them soon.

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  1. Being poor isnt just for us normal folks celebrities go through it to. But with being a celebrity they can get another role and be rich again but us regular people we would be lucky to have enough to just pay bills when we get another job lol.

  2. If you GOOGLE Amanda Bynes net worth, it says… "Bynes' parents, who now are considering a move to Texas to be near their other daughter, listed the troubled star's net worth at $5,747,703, with $2.8 million of the fortune tied up in real estate, TMZ first reported. Bynes' only income last year was $144,768 from her rental property." So I don't think she is broke, "WE ARE BROKE."


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