10 Awkward Military Photos That Can’t Be Unseen


  1. My answer is my great grandfather who served the entire WW2 and he was in a group of 10 who took over small Nazi bases so he would be my pick I never met him

  2. I would have dinner with Octavian Caesar. He was one of the most successful leaders of the greatest empires EVER! Plus, EVERYONE LIKED HIM. Plus, who wouldn't miss the chance to meet one of the most successful leaders ever? We probably get American food, because they did not have deep fried chicken 2,000 years ago!

  3. Joseph Stalin, so I can stab him with a butter knife and tell him to not make all of my all of my classmates obsess over him and ask who he is because imagine if you had a class of 13 people and 3 of them just get up in math class and asked out loud, who is joseph Stalin, NOT FUN

  4. I would love to have dinner with Kublai Khan, as he continued and expanded the Mongloan Empire plus started the Yuan Dynasty. And also the previous khans wouldn't kill me if I use all the salt


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