10 Amazing Facts About The Olympics


  1. why "should" we know this… its not contentious or really revealing in its content. it's just simple no need to know information.

  2. as mentioned before by warriorwampionship 

    Ancient games were NOT for amateurs, they were open to all free Greeks.

    But I have to add to that, they they ware banned for females both partisipant and spectators. 
    As much as i remember acording to greek mithology, the first Olympic games ware organised by Hercules himself.

  3. If the rings represent the continents, shouldn't there be 7?
    If it represents continents that participate with the olympics there should be 6

  4. The rings do not represent the continents. Its the colours that are important, At least one colour of the rings is present on each flag of the countries that are participating.


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