1 Day in Bath.

Hello marzipans! My childhood friend Anna came to visit me in the UK for a couple of days, one of which we spent in Bath. Here is my quick vlog from our 1-day-trip.

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Cardigan – LazyOaf
Turtleneck – Marzia
Bag – LV Speedy (Cherry edition)
Sunnies – RayBans

❤FTC – This is not a sponsored video.


  1. Bath is such a lovely town, used to visit it quite a lot! Caerleon is also a lovely roman town, I'm glad you enjoyed your day in Bath!

  2. Oh my god Bath was such a beautiful city when i interned there! Another place you should definitely go to is Bristol! It has tons of vintage stores and is so beautiful!

  3. Your videos are so inspiring to me and I love how much I can relate to them because of so many shared interests. ^.^ Once I'm finished with college I hope to be able to travel like you do and be able to also make such great content. I can truly see the passion in everything that you do and it never fails to make me smile! <3

  4. Marzia your such an inspiration, keep doing what you are doing cause the way you make your videos is perfect. Hope you gain the amount of subscribers you deserve!


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