YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM BIGFOOT!! | Finding Bigfoot #2

Bigfoot doesn’t like being hunted and your safe place isn’t as safe as you thought it was….
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  1. i want to know why despite you having such advance technology e.g. tracking bullets, ur using an old 1887 winchester rifle? why not use a newer semi-automatic style rifle?

  2. hello Mark just got back from FanX in utah, and got to meet the voice behind female shepard. I wanted to ask you in a earlier video, but I was wondering if you are going to do a video on Mass Effect Andomeda's multiplayer with Wade and Bob if they get it too?

  3. Use the flares to scare Bigfoot away. Shoot him once or twice, then use flare gun, and continue shooting him as he runs away.

  4. Well at least he has seen Bigfoot more than the guys on the show "catching Bigfoot". That's an accomplishment by itself even though it was terribly executed. lol


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