YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE | Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn – Part 3

This game is closing in all around me! I’m walking the path to my own destruction and I don’t even realize it! What horrors lie waiting for me in the forest that I haven’t seen already?

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  1. I was wondering when Yggdrasil was going to be referenced… I mean there's the Yggdrasil forest and all and the entire story of this game takes place in a forest…

  2. Mark the whispers remind me of HellBlade : Senua's sacrifice, focuses on a lost Celtic woman with a curse of the mind, as she journeys into her own demise

    You should so do a play through!

  3. So many people watch Markiplier.

    So many people watch Markiplier that even Markiplier watches Markiplier.

    Terrible grammar intended.

  4. Yggdrasil is the life tree in Norse mythology. It bears all of the nine realms, Asgard, Midgard (Earth), Jotunheim, Helheim, Vanaheim and so on. The Y is pronounced like an ' i ' and you don't say the 'gg'. Some do pronounce the g's, I for example don't, but works both ways.

    I'm also interested to see who of you guys still believe in norse mythology. I think it's very interesting, I've never been that religious, but I'm kinda jealous that i don't live in Iceland coz they started worshipping them again.

  5. Mark the word Yggdrasil you couldn't pronounce is the name of the world tree from Norse Mythology. So the harp was created from the world trees roots.

  6. "Nothing about me likes any of what's happening in there". Wait a wee while – I am sure you will LOVE the cute cuties you will later stumble upon (or the other way round) 😀


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