Who Killed Markiplier? – Chapter 3

A new piece has been added to the puzzle.. Who is the mysterious Seer and what part does she have to play in all of this?
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Detective ►
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Chef ► Robert Rexx
Seer ►
Groundskeeper ► Chris Hampton
Colonel ► Me
Mayor ► Me
Markiplier ► KILT

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  1. The murderer is dark like anti made Jack kill himself now I noticed the screen going farther away from the camera and the voices come disordered DARKIPLIER

  2. 1. George said murder and no thunder.
    2. I kept thinking about how much hair gets in their food because Chef doesnt wear a hairnet.

  3. First of all the Colonel calls this "his own house"…And george is not able to summon lightning with the word "murder"… and what the hell was that at the end aka georges reason to go inside? oO

  4. hey mark you may not see this post but thank you iv had a really really bad day i….. almost commit suicide and you have brighten up my day just like my other favorite youtubers


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