We Need to STOP This

Net Neutrality is in trouble. Plans have been laid out to roll back many of the laws protecting your ability to access the internet. Read More below to see ways that you can help stop this from happening.

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  1. I just want to let you guys and you markiplier know that if that happens that you then you lost a viewer Mark. But I just want you to know that I loved you but also all your viewers. So if it happens thanks for all bringing me to this day. And Mark your welcome to bring you here.

  2. I sent a message to Representative and two Senators. I hope and pray to God that it will do SOMETHING to sway their beliefs. Thank you, Mark, I never would have known about this if you had not said anything about it. Thank you

  3. Man, why politicians and business people always got to go screw up someone else's stuff so that they can make a profit? Why can't everybody just be decent human beings?

  4. Paying for simple access to certain things on the internet like websites and all, should be a violation in and of itself because the act of accessing YouTube is already controlled, now that it is owned as a Google service. I understand if Google wanted to make this happen because of their business ownership, but the FCC with the entire internet? That right there is just plain injustice. It's like saying you have to pay to walk out of your door, like, the internet was made to be able to access sources and find information to make the lives of the average person more efficient and easy. Throughout internet history, making business of your online endeavors was just one out of many things that the internet was used for. Now, I believe that the monitization of things such as access goes too damn far. The internet was supposed to be used as a gateway to the world outside your world, not a giant bank that you dump into to get what you want.

  5. The line between protection and control is very small indeed. And the ones that are most likely to cross it are the ones that think they're the least likely.

  6. i havent even started on my dreams to becoming a youtuber since finances are hard and equipment is expensive and all, now this?
    are they really going to make us pay for everything now? what next breathing??

  7. A further explanation:

    Net Neutrality is what is controlled and not controlled on the internet. Perhaps, you would like to see that new cat video, but you can't without the government saying, "Wait a minute fellow citizen, you mustn't pass here without paying, or having a subscription of some sort. We know that you pay for your WiFi bills, but we need to pull more money out of you." The government is very greedy. YOUR representatives are the people that FIGHT for what you truly need. And what we truly need, is that new cat video. The internet is what brings people joy. See that new 'The Walking Dead' game? Us as a society huddle around jacksepticeye, Markiplier, PewDiePie, etc, and we all cry together. But, if we don't fight, we can't huddle around each other, cry, and have a good time.

    You met this really nice guy or girl, and began dating them? You can't talk to them ever again if WE don't fight. You want to post a really funny tweet or facebook post? You can't. So many opportunities are closing, and more people can't show their faces, either if it's a really cringy Minecraft song parody, or if it's a really bad League of Legends live stream. You want to wrap yourself around a blanket, and watch ASMR? You can't without paying.

    Now, my point in this is that you can't do anything. Just read a book, or go outside. You can't show your face to your ten subscribers. You can't show your face to your 10 million subscribers. You can't watch that new cat video. You're being isolated from so many people, even if they are people from ROBLOX or Minecraft. You meet people from around the world. Even if it's India.

    Thank you for taking the time for reading maybe a "better" and clearer explanation. This took me about ten minutes to carefully word this out, and write about realistic scenarios. I tried to add a bit of "comedy" into this.

    Goodbye internet family. Lost, but not forgotten.

  8. Reached out to my senators, we can't allow this to be the reality of not only our own selves but the generations of the future. The internet has given people opportunity to be who we are, has given me a chance to live my dreams out, and I can't imagine that being taken away from anybody.. So please, let's make sure we protect this with all of our ability.

  9. If Mark took this to court he would have a huge following and could have a chance at changing a capitalist internet others could still do this too.

  10. So don't give in?? I'm sorry I'm not mutch help I'm 13 in sorry mark but my mom looks into things like this so she will understand all this and help explain more than you and the links did

  11. From at&t's public policy website: "Any ISP that is so foolish as to seek to engage in gatekeeping will be quickly and decisively called out."

  12. Pls don't do this, the internet what's keeping me sane. I have panic attacks frequently and watching my favorite youtubers keeps me calm. My family will not pay for this if it passes. We do not have the money for this.

  13. I'm worried how will next generation will be like? People liking pauler they goting suscriber how the hell people liking this type of shit? I have so many more thing that make Me worried about next generation. Don't reply if u don't get it xD

  14. I’m going to make it a little easier for everyone. Copy paste and modify the following paragraph as needed for emailing your representatives:

    I am sending this message to make my voice heard. Net neutrality is an important part of way we live. I don’t want this repealed. This is my first time ever contacting a member of congress and I hope it won’t be in vain. The free access to entertainment, news, and other resources is vital to us as a nation to grow. It’s important to our educational system which was rated number 11 in the country. It’s been an important resource in helping me battle with depression. This is something we need. I greatly appreciate your time and I will be praying you choose to keep our neutrality and keep the Internet free for all.


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