Only one day left to get your name in the drawing for a chance to win a free copy of Borderlands 2! There are just over 100 names in the hat with an average of 14.3 shares per person so your chances are still good! There’s still time and I will continue to count all the way up until 6:00PM tomorrow


  1. Has nobody else wished to view every video he's ever made? Maybe the other people on this voyage with me are the silent types… OR MAYBE THEY'RE MONSTERS TRYING TO KILL ME. .___.

  2. I DON'T GET IT! Only 4418 clicks, 215 likes??? And only 39 comments??? There are  over 8 million subscribers? Why is nobody interested in his older videos? These videos are AMAZING! He is doing such a good job back there. I swear, I will go through every single one of it and I will like them all!!

  3. Finally after an intense search, ive found it. Just a simple vlog you say? I am now part of the rarest group in history. even tho Mark had only 65000 subs at this point, this specifc vid has 5,044 views. And those reading this, i am only the 39TH comment on this ancient document of history…youtbe-wise.
    Damn? 39 outta 10.5 mil. My legacy is fullfilled.

  4. Haha, I love how you smile at the beginnings of your vlogs, but I'll admit this one is a liiittle creepy.. Also, I'm so glad you had your promo while you played The Things in the Night. I think it's a great LP and custom story so far. Really captures your Let's Play awesomeness in the past 24 vids. 🙂

  5. yay. least viewed video. im famous now!…. right?… right?….

    guess i should also say something…… i hve no idea, im surprised at how much effort some of the other commenters put into making lists of all mark videos, and i think mark is a great person, very entertaining, and a great inspiration…

    NOW i can be famous…. yeh?….. ok

    i hope ui actually got the least viewed…

    also 54th

  6. These vids do take me back for how many years I've been subscribed to u mark u have always been there when times are tough and have helped me get through my heart issues when I was in the hospital but I've started a channel of my own bc u inspired me to i just passed 400 subs and hope one day I could collaborate with the guy who's helped me so much in my time of need all I want to do is make people happy and try to get to where ur at one day with all the charity Livestreams and just overall fun and support like what u get…well I doubt I'll get a reply but keep it up mark I'm still ur 120th sub and will always be here <3


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