THE ‘OL TYRANT SWITCHEROO | Resident Evil 2 – Part 4

With Leon’s story COMPLETE it’s time to see the New Game 2nd Run of Claire’s side of the story!

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  1. I'm sure it's still a fun run, but they made it sound like you'd be playing Claire's perspective in the same timeline. Not a new game, but with a different character.
    Of course some of her story IS different, but realistically a lot of this couldn't overlap because most of her story(medallions, the locker room, boxes, etc) would already be opened or looted, or killed by Leon.

    So what's canon?

  2. Mark, You also need to play the first run with Claire and then the second run with Leon, you will get a different version of the runs. I remember when I played the game on the original Playstation I was amazed by how different the game could be depending on who started and who did the second run. I don't know if it is like the old game but when you complete the game a few times if I remember correctly, you get special weapons.

  3. Markiplier,
    Not sure if you read the comments but I want to help you out on this run. When the items have the red check mark on them in the inventory you can just discard them. Instead of having them take up space in the inventory no need to put them in stash.

  4. After watching over like 100 horror game playthroughs, this has to be said. All horror games are pretty much the same. You’re always walking with a light source through dingy corridors, the woods at night, or a house. You always have to pick up notes/letters/etc. in order to trigger events. You always have to find keys to open doors. You always have either some looming monster to avoid or paranormal jumpscares. It’s so formulaic at this point, idk how these game developers aren’t completely bored to death of this format. Although, even though it encompasses all these elements, VISAGE will be the best horror game ever made, period.

  5. I hate that this is more of an alternate universe than a co-existing story.
    The fact that you never get to find out how Claire got down in the lab in Leons story or vice versa is ridiculous.
    I expected to see 2 stories and instead I got one repeating one with plot holes…


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