THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ART | Four Last Things – Part 1

Four Last Things is a wonderful point-and-click adventure in the wonderful world of renaissance paintings! Get ready for a Monty Python style adventure unlike any other!
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  1. Hey Mark, can you not play this anymore ? Because I find this extremely offensive, and I guarantee that im not the only one, so please I ask that you do not play this game anymore, and I understand that your not trying to offend anyone by playing this, but you did.

  2. So mark is the reason why all women have periods… Wow thanks asshole because now us 9 year olds that hit puberty early are suffering

  3. Markimoo!!! My fav boi! I suggest that you try out a game called “Choices”. It just seems like something you would have a good time playing. Like if you agree!!

  4. Wow this game looks so cool! I am really thrilled to see this style of game, Mark! I will be perfectly honest with you; I will admit that the only reason really why I ever watched Monty Python was because of the rediculously strange and silly funny things they did with the animations! The main character reminds me of the main character of What's New Pussycat…I can't remember his name either. I am just an old fart anyway. But I am so glad that you like it too; and I am so glad that you are going to be playing it so I know there is going to be at least a decent lets play series out of it that I can look forward to! The shitty internet signal ate my last comment before I could post it, this is pretty close to it….anyway thank you so much for a new series to get excited about; and yes I love you too. 🙂

  5. Mark, I've been sick since hast night and had to make some SpongeBob soup.
    I took some cough/cold medicine after being forced to take seizure medication.
    I also used nasal spray and chest rub, but can you please give me a shoutout?
    I don't normally like to advertise, but you know YouTube's new policies lately.


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