Monopoly is a great game… for destroying friendships and making people hate each other forever and ever and ever…

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  1. I know I'm late on this video a little bit and schedules are probably crazy for you both but I feel that some of the funniest/best moments within this group are when JackSepticEye is with you guys please play with him more if possible. I still love both of your channels but idk just my opinion I guess, keep up the great work Mark!!

  2. I unknowingly had a Game Grumps video playing in the background so I just thought they were all playing together and everyone was just talking over to each other for 10 full minutes until I realized what a going on.

  3. I don't like this version of game monopoly. There was an online version that was good, it was standard simple monopoly. This one's kinda complicated and hard to understand. Don't like playing this game.

  4. Playing Monopoly: (average brain usage)
    Playing the Monopoly board game with the credit cards: (above-average brain usage)
    Playing Ubisoft's Monopoly: (ascended brain usage)
    Playing Monopoly on Tabletop Simulator: Transcended knowledge.


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