Subnautica: Below Zero | Part 1 | STILL HATE THE OCEAN…

Subnautica Below Zero has RELEASED (in early access) and it’s still UNBELIEVABLY TERRIFYING!! I HATE THE OCEAN SO MUCH!!

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  1. Mark is me! I'm fucking terrified of the ocean. I refuse to even go knee deep into the ocean. I love this game, and it is really pretty, but I don't know if I could ever play it. I think I would be scared, even though this isn't even a horror game.

  2. This game terrifies me… And I love it! Im so happy I get to see Mark once again explore the depths of subnautica and scream in terror along with me! And I cannot wait until Mark encounters the new leviathans! evil laughter Also… "Im not gonna be scared anymore!" We will see about that Mark 😉


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