SO MANY DEADLY SINS | Four Last Things – Part 2

Four Last Things continues with the smashing of several horrifying deadly sins! And I WELCOME IT!!
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  1. What is this feeling?
    That's put you in your place
    A hot red burning on the side
    Of your face
    You feel the blood rush to your cheek
    Tears start to fill your eyes
    And your lips are trembling
    But you can't speak
    You're trying,
    Oh, you're trying
    Not to cryyyyyyyy,

    Ya just got slapped
    Oh, oh!
    Across the face, my friend
    Oh, oh, oh!
    Ya just got slapped
    Whoa, oh oh oh oh!
    Yes it really just happened
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh!

    Everybody saw it
    And everybody laughed and clapped
    It was awesome
    The way you just got slapped

  2. I think that the pie contest would be gluttony and if you lay long enough with the land owners that could be sloth. With your many riches you could probably get some lust if ya know what I mean. Maybe you should just slap more people for wrath.


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