Oxygen Not Included | Part 13 | SICK + BRAND NEW UPDATE

I’m currently sick but at least I was able to Livestream some of the latest Oxygen Not Included update!
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  1. No Mark, we're not sick of it, I'm elated to see a 3 hour upload and I want moar! I bought the game and have played like 20 hours and would play more but my computer is slow and has problems so I really love watching your playthrough and how you think through this!

  2. Mark this seems like bullshit but, I got sick the same day as you. (I think today) I got a fever yesterday but it was not that bad. Today I woke up at 11am and couldn't move. Not sleep paralysis, I couldn't get up. I think it's 2pm now, moving hurts. I hope you get better mark.


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