Nicole Kidman on Turning 50 | The Graham Norton Show

Nicole Kidman is excited to be turning 50.

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  1. she spent millions on surgeries, and people are surprised that she doesnt look 50?!?! her whole face looks numb. in a few years, she will look like another one of those silly botox victims. i honestly dont understand why women cant embrace their wrinkles.

  2. I can already imagine what insulting comments will be made about her appearance… She looks great and more importantly, she's a FANTASTIC actress!

  3. If Nicole and Jimmy Fallon were really together, I'd have thought that she was too old for him, but I just discovered that also Jimmy's wife is 50 years old…

  4. Just another "subtle" dig at ex-husband Tom Cruise…
    "How dare he expose my unglamourous self in such an unprepared state, in front of ALL those people, including my MOM no less! My man Keith, on the other hand is so romantic and he understands me really well – he knows this is the kind of birthday celebration I'd enjoy… now THIS is how you throw a surprise birthday party!"

    Then again… perhaps it wasn't Tom who threw her that surprise 30th birthday party, who knows…

  5. So does Nicole mean that she gets a BLISTER on her face (because I don't believe that…) or that she "breaks out in a cold sweat?" I think there's a bit of a language barrier (reef) here.

  6. If she has got work done like people are saying, the must be the best damn plastic surgeons ever because her face hasn't changed at all.


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