Josh Gad Does a Brilliant “Who Farted?” Look | The Graham Norton Show

The whole cast have a go. Who do you think is the best?
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  1. never thought I'd see the day when Josh Gad was on this show and I'm absolutely thrilled that he's here, he was great as LeFou in Beauty and The Beast

  2. So nice to see Johnny looking like a movie star and playing nice with adults. Embrace it, Johnny! Michelle and Judi frame him perfectly! Kenneth and Josh make great bookends. I just love this show!

  3. OMDs, I had to focus on Keneth Branagh (I dont know him, will sarch up more on him since he's on Norton), for about 10 seconds because on the thumbnail I thought he was Luke Evans with Blonde hair, and I was like WTH Luke bleached his hair?


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