GETTIN’ A LITTLE DIFFICULT | I Wanna Run The Marathon – Part 2

I Wanna Run The Marathon carries on in its usual way of being quite a douchebag… Oh well let’s plow onward!
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  1. Hey Mark, if you haven't seen it, you should check out Space X FH launch that happened today. He put a Roadster with Star man in the drivers seat. Off to Mars in a million years!

  2. mark. if you reading this. i have been watching your video where you played oneshot. and turns out you havetn completed the true ending yet. and i was thinking you could complete it later on, when you have the time?

  3. Mark play Jumper or Jumper 2! It's a free older game with a little red dude and I think you'll like it (definitely not a rage game..pfft)

  4. "Oh come now Mark, were you really ready to throw in the towel after only a few tries? Remember how hard it was to struggle all the way to the top to come meet me, wasn't what you saw absolutely inspiring? You've faced much hard challenges in your life and you'll still face even more challenges later. It's not about falling down, it's about staying down and you're not one to quit so easily. Now go on, finish this game and add the experience to your long list of accomplishments."- Bennett Foddy (not really, just thought I'd use something he would know)

  5. Just like the last episode, this is highlights from when he played this on twitch. Be sure to check it out to watch him play live. Like so others can see

  6. Mark. I just recently saw your video of you playing the guitar. Inspired me. Who or what taught you to learn the guitar? And how difficult was it to keep track of playing the guitar? I've been trying for some time now, very low progress. How and what did you do?

  7. im assuming the letters are FGM and I just learned in class today about how that's removal of ALL the lower feminine parts in tribes as a rite of passage for 13 year old girls…


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