Five Nights at Freddy’s: Pizzeria Simulator – Part 5

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator has come to a close… but how does it all end? Does this wrap up the entire story of Five Nights at Freddy’s? Only one way to find out…


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  1. Idea! Please read.
    Wish we could click on Jim when he appears and be taken to a unlisted Jim video as like an Easter egg, like if you agree 🙂

  2. Markiplier there is a certificate for playing the game doing nothing, never placing anything in the store and never salvaging any animatronic

  3. that ending jump chare xd realy are you just realy did that to mee i almost hit my heat into my bed i jump soo bad becouse of that XD ahhh im never gona get tired of the fnaf games 🙂

  4. I first saw your videos and started following you when five nights at freddy's came out. I have enjoyed following you through your journey and becoming the king of FNAF. If this is the end, then it's fitting that I watched the ending play out with the YouTuber I first saw FNAF with. Thank you Mark.

  5. You know, I dropped FNAF after 2, but this might just be a game I play. It's as easy or as hard as you make it for yourself, and I can appreciate that.

  6. This… Wow…
    My heart
    Its breaking man
    If something is great
    If something is a legend
    Then you think it'll go on forever
    That the creator will never die
    That they will make it go on forever
    That the creator will never end it
    That's how we feel about FNAF.
    And we will always feel like that.
    We'll remember it
    We'll keep it living
    Even if the creator doesn't
    We will
    We will make fangames
    We will make dedications
    We will never. Ever. Let it die.
    Because something this great.
    Something that's this much of a legend
    Something that has made us laugh
    Something like this
    Will never go away
    Not as long as we live
    And it'll be passed on generation after generation
    It will live
    And it will never go away
    Not even when we die
    Because legends like this?

    They never die.

    (Jeez I choked up writing this. Thanks Mark, for playing through all the games.)

    (And thanks Scott. For never letting us down. For creating such a legend. And because you never let us down, we won't let you down. We will keep it alive. We will never let it die. And now I would like to say to you, Mr. Cawthon, thank you. For everything.)


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