DIE and DIE AGAIN | ARK – Part 3

Well… everything wants to kill me, I know nothing, and I’m REALLY hungry. Might as well take some risks to find some shelter!
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  1. Hey Mark! I just wanted to give you some tips.

    1.)Certain tools give you certain materials. Axes give wood, stone, and hide and picks give you thatch, flint and meat .

    2.) Barries do certain things as well. It would be a good thought to read the descriptions of each of the barries.

    3.) Zones are marked by difficulty. South zones are easy, east and west are medium difficulty, and North zones are hard.

    4.) Swamps are full of meat eaters, STAY AWAY FROM THEM. It might take longer but go around swamps if you have to.

    5.) Turn up your gamma to see in the dark better. Dinosaur and people, are attracted to light.

    6.) It is better to make at least 4 spears at the least, and keep that many on you.

    7.) Ark is a unforgiving game, and getting lost is easy, if you are going anywhere, look for landmarks.

    8.) Check waters before you jump in, piranhas are very deadly.

    9.) Anything that doesn't attack you, is a passive creature, however some creatures only attack if you get close to them. So pick your battles!

    10.) Laying down or crouching does help will getting around dinosaurs, but keep your distance.

    11.) Most big bases have turrets, mechanical/Species X. Stay away from large bases. It also reduces lag.

    12.) Making buildings and hunting give you the most Experience.

    13.) If you can get close to it then it is most likely a herbivore. Trikes, Stegos, Parasaurs, dodos, etc.

    14.) Clubs and slingshots are for knocking out dinos. Once you've knocked out a dino, you can either kill it, or you can tame it by putting food in its inventory. However make sure it doesn't wake up! Watch that unconscious bar.

    15.) Finally, don't be so hasty to meet other players. It's a big risk meeting other people. They can attack you, destroy your base, or even give you "The sickness" which lowers your stats until you lv up. However, it can also work out for you, so just watch who you trust.

    That's all for now. If you need more help in the future then feel free to ask in the comments and I'll tell you everything I know about the game. I've played ark for 200+ hours and I know you'll love it. Stay safe and Sane while you explore.

  2. when you knock out a dodo instead of killing it put berries in its inventory to tame it . it may wake up so remote use the black berries in its inventy to keep it asleep 🙂

  3. Does reading your comments count as cheating? Jeez, this is the third episode where your viewers have been trying to give you important advise/suggestions on how to play the game.

  4. Those snakes make this game a lot scarier than it should be. Especially when Mark first saw one just moving across the swamp; it just gives me all the wrong kinds of goosebumps.
    Oddly enough once they actually attack they stop being scary cause all they do is sit there and poke at ya 😛

  5. shoot a dilophasaurs with the slingshot and once its unconscious and give it some narco berries and meat and u will tame him and he will be ur driend and help u get meat and kill other animals

  6. hey Mark, you can go to the offline version of the game and tweek with the settings so that you can learn how to play the game more. it's the local setting in the main menu

    AND PLEASE GET BETTER AMOUR AND Weapons for example GUNS and

  8. So my girl loves u always calling u markimoo right and when I told her u started to play ark she was like really I bet he is great at it and I showed her he 1st one and she told me to tell u to just stop or play with us on the Xbox one. But now that ur doing better I'm sure she will be like "ya that's my markimoo" also when playing this this assholes the troodons make sure to have the white berries in ur inventory and eat them once u get att it will keep u awake 🙂 keep it up mark and u should really play with some fans too 🙂 or make ur own server where you and ur friends (bob ,wain, jack) could take on 90 at random fans to play against:) you being admin would have god like power so u can just op over everyone 🙂

  9. Mark I ply ark a lot , and I've got a couple tips for you , first once you start to need metal there are smooth round rocks near rivers and waterfalls that give you more metal vs regular rocks .Also you shouldn't use your engram points till you know you need something , in the late game engram points become scarce and you can't get all the engrams with one person . 2 more things never spend your upgrade points on food and water , it's useless in the late game . And finally never go in the swamp because there are things that will kill you quickly , like snakes, and jump alligators , never go near any alligators . Like so mark can see this

  10. Mark if u need fiber you can cut a tree down with your pickaxe it will give you more fiber than wood but if u do it with an axe you will get more wood just saying 😀 plz like so mark can see dis

  11. So like. Does Mark have his settings on low or does the game textures usually look so shitty and low res because I don't remember it looking so bad

  12. Mark please play single player so you dont have to deal with level 100+ dinos and you can make it to where you get more resources from animals, trees, etc..


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