Devil Daggers is an EPIC game about battling through the entirety of hell. Skulls, demons, monstrosities the likes of which you’ve never seen are coming for YOU!!
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  1. Mark I don't know what kind of hotdogs you eat but if your hotdogs are dagger shaped then I won't judge you. But if your hotdogs are daggers from hell… well then you got A LOT of problems.

  2. This game looks pretty nifty! So fun and happy!! A good game to watch if you're having a bad day. Thanks for making me smile!!
    Jokes aside, I liked this video. It's not something I'd like you to play again, but it was a nice little game!
    I know you've had your new glasses in other videos but I never commented on them. They're nice! I could never pull them off but they look nice on you! Hope you're happy with them!! It's always so hard for me to find glasses that I actually like. Anyone know any good places to get glasses? I need some new ones tbh. Love ya loads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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